Above, is a drawing  sent to the Duggan children by their father from their
Christmas in 1928.

On the Right, is a photograph of George Duggan's children Edward age 5
and Clara age 6. It was taken and published by the Evening Journal News
shortly after Officer Duggan was killed in the line of duty.
Officer Down Web Site
Westchester County Police Memorial
In memory of our fallen brother
George Edward Duggan
Patrolman George E. Duggan
Irvington Police Department
New York
End of Watch: Sunday,
March 3, 1929

Patrolman Duggan was shot
and killed in an unprovoked
attack while on traffic patrol
on Albany Post Road. He had
just pulled his motorcycle
off of the road and was
standing next to it when a
man walked up to him and
shot him in the head without
warning. Several witnesses
attempted to chase the man
who then started shooting
at them as well.

Patrolman Duggan was
survived by his wife and
6-year-old daughter Clara  
and 5-year old son Edward.
Photos above from the George Duggan Bridge dedication ceremony, which was attended by Officer Duggan's daughter Clara and Grand daughters  Janie and Patricia.
A Memorial
to the 85th
Anniversary of our
Fallen Brother
March 3rd, 2015
Marks the 86th Anniversary of
our fallen brother.
Take a moment out of your
day to remember those who
gave the ultimate sacrifice.