The Irvington Police Department has a rich history here in the Village of Irvington. Our goal is
to reconstruct the department's history through photos, documents and stories submitted by
residents and those found in the archives.
Please send any photos or stories you have of a
relative or friend who served with the department to:
Chief Michael P. Cerone
Above and Left:  
The program from the
Irvington Police Revolver
Club Ball. This is the
forerunner to the now
Irvington Police Benevolent
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Photos Submitted by Patrick Tewey
A recently discovered program from the
23rd Annual PBA Dinner produced this
photograph of the Irvington police
Department's Personnel dated
November 6, 1970.
Chief James J. Sansevera
Above: A letter dated November 4,
1955 from the PBA to residents
in the village.
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Above: 1949 Ptl. Richard Tewey at  the
Immaculate Conception School his last school
crossing. Ptl. Richard Tewey  served for 40
plus years.
Below: Irvington Police Department circa 1956.

Photos Submitted by Patrick Tewey
Above:    Dobbs Ferry and Irvington
motorcycle cops meet at the village line.
Photo Submitted by Patrick Tewey
Officer George Duggan
A promotion ceremony at
Village Hall
Irvington Police Department circa 1948.
Photo taken at Village Hall.
Photo Submitted by Patrick Tewey
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photos to
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Recently found documents that set the
salaries of the Police Department for
1947,  1949, 1950 , 1952, 1953.

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John J. Hannon, (circa
1952) worked in Irvington
for 25 years and retired as  
Lieutenant in 1972.
Photo submitted by Brian Hannon.
Welcome to the
Irvington Police Departments
History Page
Irvington Police Department members and others at
Village Hall circa 1940's
Photo donated by Ed Martin
Cars 2008
Former Village Justice and long time Irvington Resident Michael Cornman
in 1959 serving as a Police officer for NY State Park Police