Check back to this page frequently as we will
update it with upcoming events and their
expected traffic concerns.

Steady White Light

Both of these signs mean that you may walk. However, first you should:
•Look to the left, right and left again.
•Watch for turning cars.
•When it is safe, leave the curb and cross the street.

Flashing Orange Lights

Both of these "DON'T WALK" signals, when they are flashing, mean to use caution.
•If you are in the street, finish crossing the street.
•If you have not started crossing the street, stay on the curb.

(If the lights in these graphics aren't flashing, try your browser's reload or refresh button.)

Steady Orange Light

These "DON'T WALK" signals, when the orange lights are steady, mean STOP.
•Stay on the curb.
•If a button is provided, push the button and wait for the "WALK" signal.
Pedestrian Safety
Click the Link Below for Information and updates about the Ashford
Avenue Bridge Construction Project.
New York Is a "Hands Free State" do
not drive while using your CellPhone.

Take special care while driving with
all the Pokemon Go users out there
trying to catch them all.
A Message from the Chief
Now, thousands of children are walking to and from school and school buses - many for the first time, everyone
who drives has a responsibility to be especially careful during this busy time for school aged youngsters.

Hundreds of young children are killed each year in collisions with motor vehicles, and thousands more are
severely injured. Children are at a greater risk during the back-to-school period because they tend to be thinking
of other things rather than watching for vehicles.

We as the Police Department are urging parents to teach their children some simple safety tips before they head
back to school. They are as follows:

- Look all ways before crossing the street
- Cross only at the corners
- Obey Police Officers, crossing guards and traffic signals
- Watch for turning cars
- Be especially alert in bad weather
- Play away from traffic

Motorists remember:
On a school bus:
Yellow lights mean the bus is going to stop. Slow down!
Red lights mean students are getting on or off the bus. Stop all Lanes, All directions.

-Chief Michael P. Cerone
School's Open - Drive Carefully
School is officially open.

Expect delays on
Main St, North and South Broadway
one half hour before and after
the closing and opening of each school.

They are as follows:
Dows Lane 8am to 2:20pm
Main Street School 8:50am to 3:15pm
Irvington Middle School 8:35am to 3:20pm
Irvington High School 7:50am to 2:35pm
Annual Homecoming Parade

This years homecoming parade will take place on Saturday October 1st, 2016.
The parade starts at 630pm on Main St, proceeds up to Broadway and
concludes at the High School.

Expect delays on Main St, North and South Broadway and the High School Hill from 6pm to 7pm.

Go Bulldogs!!!
The Irvington Recreation and Parks
Halloween Parade
by Irvington Fire Company
Saturday October 30th, 2016

The Parade kicks off from the
Immaculate Conception Church parking lot at 3:00 pm.
Expect delays on
North and South Broadway and Main Street
from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.
The Parks And Recreation and
Girls Scout sponsored
Peter K.Oley Turkey Trot
is on
Sunday November 20th, 201
The race starts at 1:30 pm
Expect delays on Dows Lane,
North and South Broadway, West Sunnyside Ln and
Main Street from 1:15pm to 2:30pm