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This is a website devoted to informing as many people as we can reach about the dangers
associated with leaving children unattended in or around vehicles. Our efforts are to inform and
save lives. At Kids in Cars, we want to protect our most precious cargo and assist in making
sure that no child is ever, for a moment, left alone in a motor vehicle. We want to be there for
victims and help touch the lives of others through their emotional and brave stories. If we can
work together and share our knowledge, then these tragedies can be prevented. After all,
saving just one life would make all of the difference in the world, for every life is precious
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New Rochelle Humane
Party Busters
If you are aware of an
underage party where
drinking and other
potentially dangerous
behavior is taking
place and want to do
something about it, call
the Hotline. You
do not
have to give your name.
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Alarm Systems MUST
be registered.
All alarm systems
installed, on or in
structures, must be
registered with the
Police Department. To
download an application
please check the Forms
& Documents section, or
stop in headquarters.
Penalties are:
1st offense = $150
2nd offense = $250
3rd offense = $500
And all subsequent
Duggan Memorial Page
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 Submit FBI Tips & Leads
Most Wanted List
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Westchester's Most
Wanted List

The Westchester
County Department of
Public Safety is looking
for Volunteer Part Time
Deputy Sheriffs.
Must be 21 years old, be
able to pass a thorough
investigation and have a
good driving record.

For further information
Please call:
The Department of
Transportation launches a

New Website
to Assist
Persons with Disabilities
for Emergency
Preparedness. The new site
includes advice on
emergency preparedness,
transportation accessibility,
and evacuation methods for
certain modes of
transportation, such as rail
and transit systems.
Disabled individuals can
learn how to react in
situations ranging from
evacuations of mass transit
systems to being trapped in
a car during a blizzard or
Following an increase in Global Positioning Systems (GPS) theft from cars, we are urging local
motorists to exercise caution.

With some GPS devices valued at more than $1300, we are encouraging motorists to take a
pro-active approach in regards to their belongings to deter would-be thieves.

Stealing from motor vehicles is definitely not a new problem but with the increase of GPS
systems being installed and attached in vehicles, it gives offenders an easy target to steal the
Offenders are opportunistic.

We are warning drivers not to leave their portable GPS devices in their car as this can be an
“open invitation” to thieves. Motorists are advised to either take the device with them, or store
the device in a secure position away from full-view until they return to their vehicles.
If it can be seen, it can be stolen.

We are also suggesting that people record the serial number of their GPS system as well as
engrave their license number onto the GPS devices, which may act as a deterrent to thieves.
This also helps to ensure the efficient return of the item to the rightful owner if we recover it.

Stolen GPS devices have recently been obtained opening
unlocked car doors or by smashing
car windows. The devices’ theft is increasingly being reported.

While we urge the Irvington community to be extra vigilant in the face of this new crime and
take basic precautions, we continue to target this property-related crime by pro-actively
patrolling hot spots, such as the Train Station parking lots, on-street parking, and the
Business parking lots in town.

Members of the public who have information that may assist police in relation to GPS thefts
are urged to contact us at (914) 591- 8080.

Anyone who has had a GPS stolen from their vehicle should report the incident to the Irvington
Police Station at (914) 591 -8080.                                                        

-- Chief Michael Cerone
Avoid Becoming A
Crime Victim While

Obituary notices are
unwittingly a source of
information for
potential criminals.
They list names of the
deceased, their home
address and times of the
wakes and funerals.

Unfortunately, this
information can be used
against the grieving
party. The following are
some precautions which
can be used to help
prevent becoming a

- Have someone
watch        your residence
while         at the services
- Turn  on your lights
- Keep a radio or TV on
-  Leave a car in the

                  Protect Your Home:
The following are ways that you can protect your home and minimize your chance of
becoming the victim of a burglary. The following list of helpful tips should be considered if
you’re planning a trip; some apply throughout the year:

       Make sure all windows and doors are locked, including those leading to your garage.    
Curtains or blinds on garage windows will help to prevent prowlers from seeing valuables
       Make sure the doors of your home have adequate pick resistant type deadbolt locks.
Consult a good locksmith.
       Have a trusted family member, friend or neighbor check your home regularly. Have
them pick up mail, newspapers, packages and deliveries (or consider having them stopped
so they do not accumulate). Also, leave that person a copy of your travel itinerary and a
number where you can be reached in an emergency.
       Arrange to have the lawn cut and the bushes trimmed.
       If you have a second car, leave it in your driveway; if not, let a neighbor park there.
       Do not leave a key under a doormat, flowerpot, or on a window ledge. That’s the first
place burglars will look.
       Do not leave a message on your home or work answering machine, which may
indicate your absence.
       Have timers programmed to turn on lights, a radio and/or television at various times
and locations throughout the house.
       Do not keep valuable jewelry at home. Keep it with other small valuables and important
documents in a safe deposit box.
       Maintain an inventory of your valuable property. Keep a list of serial numbers and
consider engraving certain items with an identifying number.
       If you have an alarm system, service it regularly and use it. If not, consider buying one -
many affordable options are available.

Although this list may appear to be basic, at times, all of us may tend to neglect simple
safety precautions.
IF you see something,
If you see a suspicious package or activity at a bus depot
or train station or on a bus or train or, a suspicious vehicle.
Don’t keep it to yourself.

Immediately notify the bus driver or conductor or the
local police department
1-866-SAFE NYS

Click here for a downloadable Brochure
With an increase of reported cases to the Police Department we have
added these sites that may assist you with many of your problems.

As always feel free to contact the Police Department.
It is our policy to conduct a prompt, thorough and appropriate
investigation of all criminal activity reported to the department
Scams, Fraud, Internet Crimes, ID Theft
Watch this short PSA for a safer NY
Attention Dog Owners -
Dog Licenses Will Now Be Issued At Greenburgh Town Office
Effective January 1, 2011, you local Village Clerk will no longer issue
New York State Dog Licenses. All dog licenses must now, according
to changes in the New York State law, be issued by the Office of the
Greenburgh Town Clerk. You must apply for or renew your Dog
License with the Greenburgh Town Clerk's Office located at 177
Hillside Avenue, Greenburgh, NY 10607. Please call 914-993-1500,
Ext.: 5 or e-mail Townclerk@greenburghny.com for more information.
Thank you.
The Irvington Police Department
is warning residents about telephone extortion scams.

The scams go like this:
A resident will receive a telephone call from someone
claiming that they know a family member who is somehow
in trouble and needs money wired immediately. The caller
attempts to pressure the victim to send money without
verifying the family member’s whereabouts.

In one scenario, the caller claims that they have just been in
a motor vehicle crash with a relative of the victim who
refuses to pay for the damage. The caller claims to be
holding the relative at gunpoint until the victim pays several
thousand dollars.
Other scenarios may include the caller claiming a family
member of the victim has been arrested and needs money
for bail, or a family member owes someone money. The
victim is told to withdraw money from an ATM and the
caller will guide them to an institution (our victims have been
instructed to go to Western Union) where they can wire
money. The victim is also told he is being watched to
ensure he is following directions.
Victims are often randomly selected and the caller is often
able to convince the target that the scenario is real.
There have been a few variations of this scam, but they run
pretty much the same way. The premise is generally the
same. We are warning residents to first try to
independently verify the threatened relative’s whereabouts
but not to give out any personal information to the caller.

Residents should report it to the
Police (914)591-8080.
When Bad Things Happen To Your Good Name
This is a comprehensive guide prepared by the
Federal Trade Commission to help keep you safe.
Protect yourself and your family.
Visit the
NYS Consumer Protection Board Website.
This site contains information on recent Scams, Important Safety Recalls,
Identity Theft issues, as well information for the Do Not Call List.
Have you been a victim of Cyber Crime?

Visit the
Internet Crime Complaint Center, this site is an alliance
between the National White Collar Crime Center and the FBI.
Scam alerts
Check out FakeChecks.org
This site provides information to avoid becoming a victim in a variety of
If you have been a victim of an Internet Scam or Mail Fraud here
are some sites that can help:
FTC.gov (watch the video to see if a complaint needs to be filed)
USPIS.gov (covers most frauds)
The Police Department has also become aware of
an increase in online fraud from sites such as

Read their warnings and policies by clicking above.
As a reminder when dialing 911 from a Cellular Phone it
does not dial directly to the Irvington Police Station. A
Cellular 911 call goes to New York State Police, located in
Newburgh, N.Y. When calling via 911 inform the operator to
connect you directly to the Irvington Police Department.

Calling 911 via “Landline” in Irvington will dial directly to the
Irvington Police Department. If you need immediate
assistance in Irvington you may also call
914-591-8080, as this number as well as 911 is manned 24
hours a day. It is recommended that you store the Irvington
Police Department’s phone number on your cell phone
speed dial for a direct response and easy access.
Thank You,
Irvington Police Department
Looking to see if you have any parking tickets??
Click the link below to check!!
Sponsored by the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee

The Irvington Police Department

Will Hold a

Car Seat Check

on September 25th, 2016

The check will be held in front of Headquarters
located at
85 Main St
Irvington NY 10533

Contact the Desk for any questions